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The Ultimate Showdown The Ultimate Showdown

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... and I mean that in a good way.

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Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite

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"I shall dance on your grave!"

"Not before my sword dances on your face!"

Priceless. You are truly God.

Rebecca Rebecca

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Dude, you pwn existance.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I gave this a "10" for "Interactivity". Because, well, the whole thing is one long instruction manual. ;-)

The Fly Who Loved Me The Fly Who Loved Me

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No, really. Roger Moore? I want a written, signed, proof that he voice-acted in this.

If this is true, anyone else think Flash(tm) is going to start being used more frequently to make non-internet animations? As in, PowerPuff girls and such? I can see some "Cartoon Networks(tm)" cartoons already possible to make in Flash(tm). :-|

Something to think about.

POX responds:

Go to or to, pictures from the recording session are on both sites! I know, it's a little unbelievable... I was as amazed as you are! But he's a really nice bloke - great voice too. Regarding Flash, lots of stuff is already being done for broadcast. more and more all the time, in fact. Problem is, executives think that just because people like us do this in their spare time, we should be cheap! And Flash tends to be a bit counter-intuitive for traditional animators to get to grips with.

i hate christmas i hate christmas

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Christmas was invented by Coca-Cola. At least Santa Clause. Last time I checked, christmas was a religious holiday inteded for people to go to church and celebrate your leader's birth. Not by giving presents to eachother. Do you people that celebrate christmas even go to church on christmas eve? Didn't think so. Religion is BS.

Either way, good flash.

If you don't believe the Coca-Cola crap, google it. It's common

HarryPotter:VodkaFountain HarryPotter:VodkaFountain

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How do you people know he's not Japanese? Even if he's not, what's the problem with him adding stuff like that to his aminations? If he stops doing it just because a few shit-sticks think it's "uncool", then that would mean he would be only writing animations in _your_ particular style (american?). And what makes one style better than the other? Racism, perhaps? I don't like prancing around like a ninny saying everyone's a racist for making stupid comments they don't mean, but you meant it, which is the stupid part. I'm not offended by your comment, and I'm pretty sure no one else is, it just makes you look like a retard, is all.

And to the review just above mine, can anyone please tell me how an organized sequence of ones a zeroes can have homosexual tendencies and suck a biological being's "balls"? I think people are allowed on the internet way too early for their age.

Good Flash, btw. :)

Salad Fingers Episode 5 Salad Fingers Episode 5

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You Are God.

You are now my #1 Fav artist.

Taking over me Taking over me

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No offence, but this is what I think:

1) It's way too cliche, "People say that when you die...", too over done.
2)Corny Music.
3) Animation could use a little more work.
4) Story line is dull (same reason as #1).

I'm tired of all these so-called, "artistic" films that have been plaguing NewGrounds recently. Yes, there are amazing "artistic" flashes, like "Prowlies at the River". But there are way too many wannabes that try to make stuff like that, but that honestly don't have the talent to do so. To make a film like that requires a _lot_ of time, a _lot_ of effort, and a _lot_ of skill. This, to my account, doesn't include any of the a-fore-mentioned. Try a different style, see what suites you best. But if you plan on making more films like this, seriously concider how you will manage the production cycle a little more efficiently (and probably extend it a little more). I can understand that you put a lot of effort into it, but even if it takes you a year to make it, at least it'll turn out better. Take it as constructive criticism. ;)

OurGuardian responds:

At this point, I am learning UNTILL I get to be better. As you say here: The artist of Prowlies at the river did learn, but could do all this from the start. OF COURSE NOT! I think, your work progresses as you make more movies. I am still young, maybe when I'm older, I will also work at Disney and make movies like him, but at this point I am still a teenager and create with all my skills. This took me a long time to do.

Injections are fun! Injections are fun!

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You are God.